Value-added Trainings for Employees

How to Get Along with Difficult People

It is hard to avoid all difficult people in life, such as those of judgemental, dispressing, pressurized, etc. This workshop aims to enhance understanding of the motives behind those "annoying" behaviors and to introduce ways to get along with them, through mini-lectures, role-play, and case discussion.

Course Code: HRI18066

Tutor: Experienced Counsellor

Number Of People: 16 - 30

Duration: 3 Hours

Course Type: Talk

Problem-solving Together Team Building Workshop

Using various mass games and puzzles, the workshop encourages the team to collaborate, know each other, and build up the team.

Course Code: HRI18067

Tutor: Experienced Counsellor

Number Of People: < 15, 16 - 30, > 30

Duration: 2 Hours, 3 Hours, 4+ Hours

Course Type: Workshop

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