Employee Assistance Programme

Assist the handling of problems at work and in daily life
Enhance employees' performance and productivity


Service scopes

Individual & Family
Personal growth
Emotional management
Marital relationship and parenting
Financial management
Grief and life changing events
Community resources


Work related stress
Interpersonal and communication skill
Management consultation
Career planning
Crisis management



Corporate, government, schools and other organizations


We offer

Hotline Counseling

Calls are managed by counselors to provide immediate support for employees and their family members


Who deliver the service?

Service is delivered by counselors with professional qualification or social workers


Why using EAP*?

*According to the EAP related researches in USA from 1990 to 2000

Absence rate
Medical cost
Employee claims
Turnover rate


Why choosing us?

Fulfills Corporate Social Responsibility
(Corporate Social Responsibility)

Fulfills one of those criteria for nominating “Caring Company”, “Family-Friendly Employer”, etc


Keep the data safe

Details and personal information are kept strictly confidential


Unlimited face-to-face interview and follow up

We provide unlimited face-to-face interview and follow up according to the need without extra charge


Flexible service package

You can customize your service package according to your need and budget


Dedicated account manager

We dedicate an account manager for every company, providing all the statistic you need quarterly and answer your inquiry


Low cost

Service cost can be as low as $0.3/person/day
(^Service fee is subjected to the service package)


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