Clinical Psychological Service

Clinical Psychological Service aims at applying psychological theories and empirically supported methods to conduct mental health and development disabilities assessment and therapy. It helps adults, adolescent and children release their distress caused by various emotions, thinking, behaviour, character and interpersonal relationship. Physical and mental health of individual and family as well as the ability to adapting to life will be improved.


Clinical psychological assessment

Clinical psychological assessment and therapy are offered for adults, adolescent and children cover depression, anxiety disorder, eating disorder, psychosis, personality disorder, grief, distress and various kinds of emotions and issues about interpersonal relationship, in order to relieve distress and to promote physical and mental wellness.



IQ and Gifted Assessment

Intelligence of children and adolescents will be assessed using internationally recognized and standardized intelligence test (Wechsler Intelligence Assessment Series), so that parents will have a full picture of their children’s development and level of intelligence. Professional advice on arranging the most suitable kind of learning will also be provided.



Assessment for Autism / Asperger Syndrome / Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

By using standardized psychological assessment tools, children and adolescents will be systematically assessed on their cognition, emotion, social skill and behaviour, so that development disabilities will be identified and diagnosed, and suitable support and transfer service provided.



Dyslexia Assessment

By using the test and tools recognised by Education Bureau, primary and junior secondary school students suspected of suffering from dyslexia will be given suitable treatment and referral service. Assessment report will also be drafted as a supporting document and adjustment reference for schools and Hong Kong Education and Assessment Authority.




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