Filial Play Therapy Training Course

Filial Play Therapy Training Course - Be your children’s counsellor!
Filial Play Therapy, originated from Child-Centerd Play Therapy, is developed by American psychologists, including Dr. Garry L. Landreth, and vigorously promoted in the 1980s. A number of studies showed that Filial Play Therapy brings remarkable effect in promoting parent-child relationship and improving children’s emotional behaviour.


Course content

– Understand the therapeutic effects of play on children’s emotion
– Learn the principles and skills of Filial Play Therapy
– Introduce toys that can bring therapeutic effects
– Video demonstration
– Family game practice and video assessment to consolidate learning



Parents of Kindergarten to Lower Elementary school students


Qualification of Instructor

All instructors have completed the training and practice of Child-Centered Play Therapy and have received basic and advanced training on Filial Play Therapy.



8-10 parents



  1. No need to bring along child(ren) to course
  2. To benefit most from the course, it is highly encouraged that participants attend all 10 sessions.
  3. To foster learning, participants are required to video-tape the practice of special play time with their children for later discussion. In case of need, participants can rent the play room including electronic equipment at a reasonable fee.
  4. Photos will be taken in class for record and maybe publicity use.
  5. For safety reason, training course will automatically be cancelled if Typhoon Signal No. 3 or above or Red/Black Rainstorm Warning is still hoisted (or is announced to be held) 2 hours before course time.


Refund Policy

  1. Participants will be notified of course cancellation at least one week before commencement
  2. Course fee is non-refundable



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